This is the story of MARY ANN CLAY, her ancestors and decendants.

1. Nicholas Litton was born in 1784 Dawlish, Devon, England, Baptised 28 November 1784 in St. Gregory's, Dawlish, Devon and died 1848. He was the son of John Litton and Martha Austin, who married 14/09/1779 in St Gregory's church. His siblings were

Jane baptised 19/08/1781
Sarah Baptised 18/12/1786.

Nicholas married Mary Crockwell 17 August 1809, Saint Gregory's Church, Dawlish, Devon, England. She was born we think round 23 Nov. 1782 to Daniel and Elizabeth Crockwell. Christened 23 Nov 1782.

  Children of Nicholas Litton and Mary (Crockwell)

  1. William Litten baptised 01/07/1810 Saint
  Gregory's Church, Dawlish, Devon, England

  2. Jane Litton, baptised 17/05/1812 died 16 April
  1886 in QLD, Australia.

  3. Nicholas Litton baptised 20/11/1814 Saint
  Gregory's Church, Dawlish Devon England married
  18/05/1830 Lydia Bennett same church.

  4. Mary Litton baptised 02/03/1817

                                                                   5. Richard Litton baptised 05/03/1820

Generation No. 2

2. Jane Litton married John CHARLES CLAY, (baptised 02.04.1810 Coveney, Cambridge, born Isle Of Ely, Cambridge, England to John CLAY and Hannah PRIME) 24 September 1835 in Coveney, Cambridgeshire, England. John Charles died 11.02.1881 in Queensland, Australia.

Notes for Jane Litton.

Birth abt May 1812 Dawlish, Devon, England.
Baptised 17 May 1812 St Gregory's, Dawlish, Devon, England.
Census 6 June 1841 Newnham, Cambridge St. Mary The Less, Cambridge, England
Death 16 April 1886 Queensland Australia.
Father Nicholas LITTON (1784-1848)
Mother Mary CROCKWELL (1785- )

Notes for John Charles Clay:

Other siblings recorded on Batch C135315 and C107851(LDS)
John Christened 02.04.1810 Coveney, Cambridge, England
Emma christened 02.01.1812 Graveley, Cambridge, England.
Elizabeth christened 03.12.1813 Graveley, Cambridge, England.
James Christened 09.03.1823 Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, UK.
James is buried in the Layburn Cemetery, Warwick, Australia.

John Charles Clay, mother Hannah Prime. Her ancestors are:-

Thomas Prime bab 30.12.1547 and Agnes
Mathew Prime bap 1574 and Judith
William Prime bap 12.07.1601 and Ann Doo m. 1642
William Prime bap 25.08.1644 and Elizabeth
Mathew Prime bap 1672 and Sarah Turner m. 1709 (buried 1733)
Benjamin Prime bap 21.02.1719 and Johanna Creak m. 24.12.1744 (buried 09.09.1771)
Jacob Prime bap. 19.04.1752 and Ann Cranwell m. 01.02.1774 (buried 12.03.1827 aged 73)
Hannah Prime 21.08.1782 bap 25.12.1800 and John Clay
Kindly provided and researched by Alan Ryder Prime.

Immigration register shows that John Charles Clay was a labourer and that the family came from "Isle of Ely".

The Isle of Ely is a former county of England and since 1965, part of the county of Cambridgeshire. The Isle of Ely consists of a hill about 7 miles (11 km) long and 4 miles (6 km) wide that rises above the surrounding fens (low-lying lands that were partly covered by water). The Isle of Ely is the highest point in these fenlands and was formerly an island surrounded by marshes and swamps; it could only be reached by boat or causeway. This inaccessible location became the scene of Hereward the Wake's resistance to William I the Conqueror about 1070. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the surrounding fens were drained, and the Isle of Ely is now simply a hill in the midst of a low, flat plain whose rich soils provide highly productive farmlands.

The city of Ely lies on the northeast portion of the Isle of Ely and is dominated by a magnificent cathedral that dates mostly from the 11th and 12th centuries. The town has been the seat of a diocese since 1108, and until the Reformation its bishops held palatine jurisdiction over the entire Isle of Ely. Oliver Cromwell lived in a house in Ely from 1636 to 1647 while holding the post of farmer of the cathedral tithes.

The Isle of Ely was a separate administrative county until its amalgamation with Cambridgeshire in 1965 to form the county of Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely. This county was renamed simply Cambridgeshire in the administrative reorganization of 1974.

Husband John Charles (Charles) CLAY
Birth 1810 Isle Of Ely, Cambridge, England
Census 6 Jun 1841 Newnham, Cambridge St. Mary The Less, Cambridge, England
Occupation Jun 1841 Brewer; Newnham, Cambridge St. Mary The Less, Cambridge
Occupation Mar 1851 Brewer; Newnham, Cambridge St. Mary The Less, Cambridge, England.
Census 30 Mar 1851 24 Newnham, St Mary The Less Cambridge, Cambridge, England.
Emigration 17 Jan 1853 England to Queensland on the 'Parsee'.
Death 11 Feb 1881 Queensland Australia.
Buried in the Leyburn Cemetery, Warwick Qld. Clay, John Charles, d. 11 Feb 1881 Leyburn, age: 70yrs.

The 1841 census for Cambridgeshire lists, under number 0054, Charles, 30; Elizabeth, 35; (I would hazzard a guess that this is Charle's sister). Jane, 30; Mary Ann, 4; Charles, 2 and William, 11 months who died in England in 1847.

More About Charles Clay:

Immigration: 17 January 1853, Arrived in QLD, with his wife and five children, aboard the Parsee.

43 CLAY    Charles
40 CLAY    Jane
16 CLAY    Mary Anne
13 CLAY    Charles
08 CLAY    Eliza
05 CLAY    William R
02 CLAY    George

Frederick Clay was born enroute 1853 and his birth was registered in 1854 in Queensland. 1854/BBP1163

Information for children of Jane Litton and John Charles Clay are:

1. Jane Clay, born prior 11/09/1842 in England; died Sept. 1852 (UK). There is a Jane Clay born 7th January 1835 Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England to a John and Hannah Clay. IGI Batch I029484

2. Mary Ann Clay, 05/06/1837 in England; died 13 May 1924 in QLD, Australia.

3. Charles Clay, born Abt. 1839 in England; died 27 July 1884 in QLD, Australia.

4. William Clay, born Abt. 1840 in England; died prior 27 May 1847 which is his burial date (UK).

5. Eliza Clay, born in 1845. She died 1915, married 1860/C43 Joseph Earl FREESTONE.
There is a Mariage Index for an Eliza Clay, dated 25-Dec-1860, to a Joseph Earl Freestone. Marriage Index 1860 / 000043. Also listed on website ( Fifty Years in Queensland: - Living Pioneer Colonists.

6. George Clay, born Abt. 1846 bap.28/06/1846. Died prior 09/09/1847 aged 15 months.

7. William Richard Clay, born Abt. 1848 in England; died 31 July 1871 in QLD, Australia. m 1888 CLAY

8. George Clay, born 1851 in Cambridge, England. m 1874/C310 Clay George – Stockbridge

9. Frederick Clay, born enroute to Australia 1852/3 on the ship and his birth was registered in 1854 in
    QLD, Australia; he was baptised in Queensland, 28th August 1855. Frederick died 15/10/1935 in
    QLD, Australia. Married 1891 Mary Ann Bowe. Both Frederick and Mary Ann are buried in the Leyburn Cemetery in Warwick Qld.

    Baptism: Bet. 1853 - 1856, QLD Baptisms Index 1829 - 1856 No 1163.
    1854/BBP1163 Clay Frederick (F) John Charles (M)Jane - (Litton)

    Clay, Frederick, d. 15 Oct 1935, age: 80yrs.
    Clay, Mary Ann, d. 2 Jan 1949, age: 86yrs.

Generation No. 3

Mary Ann Clay (Jane Litton, Nicholas) was born 05/06/1837 in England, and died 13 May 1924 in QLD, Australia. She married William John Best Gray 17th November 1854 in Court House, Warwick, (QLD), Australia, son of William Gray and Mary Wheeler. He was born 18th September 1832 in NSW, Australia, and died 9th December 1911 in QLD, Australia. Mary Ann is buried at Arlington Cemetery on the property of Graysholme, situated between Inglewood and Karara

Notes for Mary Ann Clay:

Death index lists parents as John Charles Clay & Jane Lytton
There is a record in the indexes for the QLD Old Age Pension Applications 1908 – 1909, as follows-
Gray, Mary Ann A/4774 1886

The actual application register, inspected at QSA on 15th May 2000 shows that Mary Ann Gray was born in England; was aged 71; had been in QLD for 55 years; was a resident of Inglewood and was granted a pension of 1 Pound, 8 Shillings, 4 Pence from July 1st.

More About Mary Ann Clay:
Residence: 17 November 1854, Parish of Bodumba, QLD, Australia

Notes for William John Best Gray:
There is a record in the indexes for the QLD Old Age Pension Applications 1908 - 1909, as follows- Gray, William John Best A / 4774 1885

The actual application register, inspected at QSA on 15th May 2000 shows that William John Best Gray was born in NSW; was aged 75; had been in QLD for 65 years; was a resident of Inglewood and was granted a pension of 1 Pound, 8 Shillings, 4 Pence from July 1st.

More About William John Best Gray:

Baptism: 01 March 1835, Parish of Windsor, in the County of Cumberland, NSW. Performed by Henry T Stiles, Church of England

Religion: 01 March 1835, Church of England

Residence: 17 November 1854, Parish of Ipswich, QLD, Australia

Children of Mary Ann Clay and William J B Gray are:

     1. William Richard Gray, born Abt. 1856; died 27 June 1928 in QLD, Australia.

     2. Emily Jane Gray, born 14 April 1858 in Ipswich, QLD; died 17 June 1934 in QLD, Australia.
         Married 1876 William Johnston.

     3. Eliza Ann Gray, born 02 June 1860. She married 1879 Osborne Johnston; born 1854/BBP981.

     4. Mary E Gray, born 07 May 1862. She married 1884 Charles Edward Donovan b c. 1856.

     5. Henry Best Gray, born 07 May 1862 in QLD, Australia; died 17 April 1930 in QLD,
         Australia. He Married 1899 Catherine Slack born 1870.

     6. George Charles Gray, born 18 May 1867. He married 1911 Henrietta Batterham born 1862.

     7. Wallace John Gray, born 30 April 1869. He married 1897 Mary Ann Donovan born 1867 and
         1913 Ruth Burns born 1867.

     8. Edward James Gray, born 28 June 1871. Died 21 May 1925 in QLD, Australia. He married 1900
         Mary Calhoun.

     9. Joseph Frederick Gray, born 15 November 1873. He married 1900 Lillian A N Slack born 1877.

     10. Annie Alice Gray, born 19 January 1876 in QLD, Australia. She married 1898 George Thomas
          Lovell born 1871.

     11. Arthur Litton Gray, born 27 April 1878 in QLD, Australia. He married 1902 Maria Jemima
         Seymour, 1913 Alice Ellen Cullen born 1882 and 1922 Cora Jane Layton (nee Fleming)
         born 1881.

Notes for Arthur Litton Gray:

There is a QLD Death Index 1939 / 005331 for the death of Arthur LITTON Gray on 29th December 1939, whose parents are listed as William John Best Gray & Mary Ann Clay.

Eliza Clay, born in 1845. She died 1915, married 25th December 1860, to Joseph Earl Freestone

Children of Eliza Clay Freestone and Joseph Earl Freestone

Jane Susan FREESTONE b: 26 MAY 1863 in Queensland, Australia
Holland Earl FREESTONE b: 17 JAN 1865 in Queensland, Australia
Ellen Lotten Earl FREESTONE b: 24 AUG 1866 in Queensland, Australia
Adelaide Earl FREESTONE b: 13 NOV 1868 in Queensland, Australia
William Melbourne Earl FREESTONE b: 1 SEP 1870 in Queensland, Australia
Isabella Earl FREESTONE b: 8 NOV 1872 in Queensland, Australia
Joseph Richard FREESTONE b: 16 NOV 1874 in Queensland, Australia
Lucy Naomi FREESTONE b: 16 APR 1876 in Queensland, Australia
Charles George Frederick FREESTONE b: 21 MAR 1878 in Queensland, Australia

George Clay (Jane Litton, Nicholas) was born Abt. 1851 in England. George died 15/07/1943 and buried in Drayton Cemetery 26/07/1943 aged 92 years. He married Elizabeth Stockbridge 25 February 1874 in QLD, Australia. She was born Unknown, and died 15/08/1944 and was buried 16/09/1944 in the Drayton Cemetery, Qld..

Children of George Clay and Elizabeth Stockbridge are:

1. Jane Susan Clay, born 28 November 1876 in QLD, Australia; died Unknown.
    Married 1894 Abraham Augustus Thomas.

2. Alice Maud Clay, born 26 April 1878 in QLD, Australia; died Unknown.

3. Arthur Richard Clay, born 10 December 1879 in QLD, Australia; died Unknown.
    Married 1908 Grace Cecilia Lewis.

4. Walter George Clay, born 04 September 1881 in QLD, Australia; died Unknown.
    Married 1911 Ellen Murial Harley.

5. Herbert Charles Clay, born 07 October 1883 in QLD, Australia; died 06/03/1961 and buried in
    Drayton Cemetery 07/03/1961 aged 77 years. Married 1916 Matilda Gertrude Grundy.

6. Lucy Elizabeth Clay, born 16 November 1885 in QLD, Australia. Married 1908 Charles Henry Lewis.

7. Ethel Constance Clay, born 14 September 1887 in QLD, Australia; died Unknown.
    Married 1910 William Bowes Wilshire born 1883, son of Mayor Joseph Wilshire and Annie Bowes.

Generation No. 4

William Richard Gray (Mary Ann Clay, Jane Litton, Nicholas) was born Abt. 1856, and died 27 June 1928 in QLD, Australia. He married Ann Johnston, daughter of John Johnston and June Wood. She was born Unknown.

Children of William R Gray and Ann Johnston are:

1. Sarah Florence Gray, born 09 June 1881 in QLD, Australia.

2. Lucy Ann Gray, born 04 September 1884 in QLD, Australia.

3. Bella Jane Gray, born 04 March 1887 in QLD, Australia. Died 10/09/1954 and buried in
    Drayton Cemetery 13/09/1654.

4. May Maud Gray, born 17 January 1889 in QLD, Australia.

Emily Jane Gray (Mary Ann Clay, Jane Litton, Nicholas) was born 14 April 1858 in Ipswich, QLD, and died 17 June 1934 in QLD, Australia. She married William Johnston 09 May 1876 in Residence of John Anderson, Stanthorpe, QLD, Australia, son of John Johnston and June Wood. He was born Abt. 1853 in Hutton, Cumberland, England, and died Unknown.

More About Emily Jane Gray:
Burial: 1934, Inglewood Cemetery, QLD, Australia
Residence: 09 May 1876, Ballandeen

Notes for William Johnston:

Cumberland- former county, extreme northwestern England. Since the reorganization of 1974, Cumberland and its neighbouring county of Westmorland to the south and east form the county of Cumbria. Cumberland had an area of 1,521 square miles (3,939 square km) and was bounded on the west by the Irish Sea, on the north by Scotland, on the east by the Pennines, and on the south by Westmorland and Lancashire.

The region gives evidence of Bronze Age occupation; stone circles, of which Long Meg and Her Daughters (near Little Selkeld) and Castlerigg Circle (near Keswick) are the best preserved, are thought to be of this period. The cultural isolation of the region was such that it was still at a Bronze Age level of development at the time of Roman conquest. In 122-126 the emperor Hadrian constructed the great wall complex between Wallsend in Northumberland and Bowness-on-Solway. The Roman occupation was chiefly military in character, with Luguvallium (Carlisle) as the main civilian settlement. Christianity was brought to Cumberland by Ninian, who founded Candida Casa (Whithorn) in about 397 on the north shore of the Solway. In the late 7th century, the district then known as Cumbria was in Northumbrian hands. Cumbria was originally the same as Cambria, a Latinized derivative of Cymry, or Cymru (Wales). The two names were subsequently differentiated.

The Danes raided Cumbria in 875, and the region also was threatened from the northwest. In 945 Edmund I ravaged all "Cumbraland" (first mentioned under that name), handing it over to Scots king Malcolm I in return for a promise of military support. The earls of Northumbria controlled part of the county in the first half of the 11th century, but by 1068 the area had been taken by the king of the Scots and formed no part of William the Conqueror's kingdom, the three manors that appear in Domesday Book being regarded as part of Yorkshire. In 1092 Gospatric II, son of Dolfin, was ruling from Carlisle, under the Scots king, when the city was captured by William II, surnamed Rufus. This king repaired the city, gave orders for the castle to be built, and sent settlers to claim the land. Immigration from the south about this time is evidenced by the occurrence of place-names ending in by to which a Norman personal name is prefixed. The land was once recaptured by the Scots, but the county of Cumberland as it existed until 1974 dated from 1177.

Because of its border position, Cumberland was the scene of constant strife and much bloodshed until after the union of England and Scotland in 1603. Though many of the inhabitants of the region were loyal to the Stuart cause, active support in the Jacobite risings of 1715 and 1745 was meagre. It was after the 1745 rebellion that Cumberland became known to England as a whole. Roads were built or improved, trade was extended, and the Lake District became popular throughout England for its picturesque scenery.

More About William Johnston:

Occupation: 09 May 1876, Stockman 39

Residence: 09 May 1876, Ballandeen 39

Children of Emily Gray and William Johnston are:

1. William Henry Johnstone, born 26 March 1879 in QLD, Australia; died 17 August 1938 in QLD, Australia.

2. Charles Richard Johnstone, born 08 June 1880; died 07 January 1881.

3. Herbert Albert Johnstone, born 07 March 1882; died 05 September 1978 in QLD, Australia. He married 1909/C3297 Ella Elizabeth Smith; born NSW 1888; died 19 August 1979 in Inglewood, QLD, Australia.

More About Herbert Albert Johnstone:

Burial: September 1978, Inglewood Cemetery, QLD, Australia

Residence: Inglewood

More About Ella Elizabeth Smith:

Burial: August 1979, Inglewood Cemetery, QLD, Australia

4. Clara Jane Johnstone, born 04 August 1883 in Coolmunda, Inglewood, QLD, Australia; died Abt. 27 March 1966 in Brisbane, QLD. She married Alfred Edward Keed 08 April 1912 in Church of David, Omanama, QLD, Australia; born 24 April 1884 in Brewarrina Station, Galore, Narrandera, NSW, Australia; died 21 July 1916 in Bailleul, France.

Notes for Clara Jane Johnstone:

Whilst living in Sydney, Clara sent some scissors back home as a Christmas present and one of the Keed family remarked about " sending the money back over the border".

Clara did dress making for a living and bought a General Store in Cobbadamana. Clara was very camera shy and would never say how old she was. Clara did not much like the Keed inlaws and told her Grandaughter Elizabeth Anne Keed, that she doubted that her marriage to Alfred would have lasted. Clara lent Brian money, to buy a truck, just after the 1939 -1945 war.

Clara went to Bundaberg when Brian Keed had finished building her house there. Brian went up to build it on the Monday after his engagement to Iris. He was away for a few months. This was a few years prior to their marriage. The shop at Cobbadamana had been closed for a while. Clara did not work in Bundaberg. She received a war widows pension, which was granted at the rate of 2 Pounds per fortnight, from 08 October 1916, when she was living in Picton. Her address in Bundaberg was at the corner of Hope St and Woongarra St. The block was about 32 perches or more. Her neighbour eventually bought the house and sold it for removal. It may have been taken to Bagarra.

Clara Moved back to Brisbane after the birth of her grandson Geoffrey and bought a house at Knowsley St Coorparoo, where she lived until her death.

Clara died of a heart attack, in her sleep, having had a cup of tea and having read the paper, a few days after the wedding of Elizabeth Anne Keed. Clara was temporarily staying with her daughter Nancy at the time.

More About Clara Jane Johnstone:

Burial: Abt. 29 March 1966, Inglewood Cemetery, QLD

Occupation: 1915, Home Duties

Residence: 1915, Moore Street, Coogee

Notes for Alfred Edward Keed:

Alfred was apprenticed for 5 years to W Walster of Junee.

Alfred applied for enlistment with the AIF at Victoria Barracks, Sydney, on 04 August 1915, aged 31 years and four months. The enlistment was to be for a period ending 4 months after the end of the war. The application indicated that his pay would be 8 shillings a day, inclusive of the maximum Seperation Allowance. Alfred agreed that not less than three fifths of his pay would be alloted to support his wife and children. Alfred (pictured right) signed the Oath of enlistment on 09 August 1915 at Warwick Farm, Sydney.

Alfred was enlisted in the 2nd Battalion on 11 August 1915 and subsequently transferred "on strength" to the 54th Battalion on 20 April 1916, at Ferry Post. On 19 June 1916, Alfred embarked H.T. Caledonian at Alexandria, to join the B.E.F. On 29 June 1916 he disembarked at Marseilles, France.

On 20 July 1916, Alfred was wounded in action and was admitted to the 8th Field Ambulance, with gunshot wounds to the legs. Alfred was transferred the next day to the 1st Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, in the Field, where he died later that day. For his service, Alfred was awarded 1 British War Medal and 1 Victory Medal, which were forwarded to his widow, Clara. A Memorial Plaque and a Memorial Scroll were also issued.

Alfreds effects which were also later forwarded to Clara, were, 4 letters, 2 postcards, 2 coins, a leather pocket book, testament, photo, writing case and pencil.

More About Alfred Edward Keed:

Burial: Abt. 21 July 1916, Bailleul Communal Cemetery And Extension, France (pictured left)

Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds to the legs

Medical Information: Alfreds height was 5 foot, 6 and 3/4 inches, his weight 132 lbs. His fully expanded chest measurement was 37 inches. He had a fair complexion, hazel eyes, good eyesight and brown hair.

Service Records

Occupation: 04 August 1915, Carpenter

Religion: 04 August 1915, Church of England

Residence: 04 August 1915, More St Coogee, Sydney, NSW, Australia

5. Ethel May Johnstone, born 20 January 1886; died 12 August 1886.

6. Percy George Johnstone, born 29 June 1887; died Unknown. He married 1912/C3830 Elsie Mary Dowling born 1889/C3096 died Unknown.

7. Arthur Edward Johnstone, born 25 May 1889; died Unknown. He married 1916/B19084 Beatrice Mary Curtis born 1887/C2861 died Unknown.

8. Elsie May Johnstone, born 31 January 1892; died Unknown. She married Alec Charles; born Unknown; died Unknown.

More About Elsie May Johnstone:

Residence: Toowoomba

9. Gladys Lillian Johnstone, born 19 June 1895; died Unknown. Married Charles Callaghan.

10. Stuart Harold Johnstone, born 14 September 1896; died Unknown. Married Alice Burns.

More About Stuart Harold Johnstone:

Occupation: Butcher

Residence: Texas, Australia

Henry Best Gray (Mary Ann Clay, Jane Litton, Nicholas) was born 27 January 1865 in QLD, Australia, and died 01 March 1923 in QLD, Australia. He married Catherine Slack. She was born 1864/C1515, and died unknown. .

Children of Henry Gray and Catherine Slack are:

1. Florence Haviland Earl Gray born 1900/C3025 died 1903/C1230.
2. Leslie Orton Gray, born 1904/C2674 died 02 June 1934 in QLD, Australia.
3. Lilly Earl Gray born 1909/C12656.



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38. Marriage Certificate (QLD).

39. Marriage Certificate (QLD), Registration 103 of 1876.

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41. Birth Index 1865 / 001791.

42. Death Index 1923 - 001111.

43. Death Index 1934 / 001410.

This information kindly provided by:

Geoffrey C Keed
07-3349-0045 (H)

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